Merry Christmas 2022

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Hi everyone here is my sensitive and expert depiction of the Nativity in collaboration with the one and only Sandro Botticelli I just rang him up and he said 'OK we can work together' and he also said we could release the secret part of the Nativity story which is that when the angels up on high had finished blessing the sweet baby Jesus they all got on the Roast Chicken Dinner spaceship and went to a secret party in heaven and tbh after we reached an altitude of about 7 miles high the party went all Berlin style and now we cannot tell you what happened thank you for respecting us and see you in 2023. xxxx

Gracious thankings and all that

Aaaaand it’s a (slightly belated) wrap! Wow it's been brilliant! I have conceived an event with some great collaborators on a larger and more complex scale than I usually do (in my capacity as an artist) and marketed my music to a wider audience. The audiences were plentiful & it was affirming to see people of all ages (& 1 dog) enjoying new music presented alongside many other artforms. I'm really grateful to many people and organisations in Hull for sharing this event on their channels and getting the word out.

It was an absolute pleasure to work once again with Anna, and superb to bring in Ed, Michelle and Caroline to massively enhance the production. I really loved creating with them and seeing everything take shape. All the 🖤 goes to Sez and Steph who are the best and I'm super grateful that they join in with me and my songs and all my plottings.

Thanks to Wykeland for giving us the pop-up space, Africa Studios for the sound & also a big shout out to Shirethorn House where we developed the work in its early stages.

I assembled a bunch of awesome people to help man the event. Thank you Siobhan, Julie, Hannah, Martha, Wendy & Chris. Back to Ours were invaluable in helping me throughout this project and supplied me with the support of some brilliant people. Thanks Lou, Luke, Annabel, Michaela, Chrissie & Stew. Stew has taken some cracking pictures I just picked one it was really hard they are all great!

Finally I would like to thank my commissioners Sound & Music, Back to Ours & Hull Jazz Festival for enabling me to make this happen. I'm looking forwards to seeing what everyone else on the Composer Curator and Kickstart programmes get up to 🙂 for now it is time to have a little rest ….. post event survey coming soon x image description Image © Stew Baxter taken for Back to Ours/Sound and Music

Wait for it....

....keep watching...

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