15/06/2022 - supporting This is the Kit at The New Adelphi Club

04/06/2022 - Marthas Bar - King Billy - Cottingham Springboard Festival

01/05/2022 - The Station Inn - Filey Folk Festival

24/03/2022 - Sesh Events presents Trinity Live @ Trinity Market

22-25/10/2021 - The Dyr Sister Presents Fairy Tales for the Modern Gentleman featuring Bluebeany & GrimVisions Magical Diorama Lightshow

21/05/2021 – Victory Club #1 – The New Adelphi Club Supp. Chubby Mam & Amy Scribble

20/03/2021 – To Hull and Back Streaming Festival (I’m Not from London/Fast &Bulbous)

17/02/2021 – Virtually Green Note Sessions w/ Dana Sipos and Holly Lowe

04/09/2020 – Freedom Festival/ BBC Introducing session on top of K2 Building Hull

23/02/2020 – BBC Introducing Humberside Radio Session

22/02/2020 – Cute Owl Festival @ The Courtyard Theatre, London

21/02/2020 – Fast & Bulbous presents The Dyr Sister, ShasH and Domestic Dog @ Union Mash-Up

28/11/2019 – A tiny concert Upstairs at The Brain Jar with The Dyr Sister supp. Black Kes & Holly Blackshaw

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